• “I was able to lead the Mr. Transmission and Milex Complete Auto Care into further success in my area."
    • Dean B. Milex
      Mr. Transmission
  • "Moran Family of Brands provides a constant flow of information and expertise..."
    • Lowell & Cindy H.
      Mr. Transmission
  • "My best advice to new franchisees is to follow the system - it works!"
    • Greg G.
      Alta Mere
  • "We felt adding Milex was necessary to compete and to grow our customer base..."
    • Susan T.
      Mr. Transmission
  • "I value the commitment Moran Family of Brands has made to me as a franchisee..."
    • Tom L.
      Multistate Transmissions
  • "Moran represented to me the type of family oriented company that would truly partner with me..."
    • Roman C.
      Mr. Transmission
  • "Moran Family of Brands provides the guidance and direction needed when I am evaluating my business."
    • Jim M.
      Mr. Transmission
  • "This is a rewarding business. It has given me the stability to raise my family on my terms."
    • Jay P.
      Mr. Transmission

Our Franchising Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

is to develop and maintain long term relationships with our franchisees and customers.

Our Management Philosophy

is to value initiative, creativity and an independent mind.

Our Financial Philosophy

is to maintain profitability to accomplish our goals and to be able to support our franchisees now and in the future.

Franchising Philosophy

is grounded in understanding that when our franchisees are financially successful then we will be successful.

Our Mission

is “Creating customer experiences that result in satisfaction and loyalty.”
We ask all members of our company and franchise system to support and embrace this mission through a core set of values we call D.R.I.V.E.

  • Dedication – Faithfully fulfilling our vision, mission and responsibilities
  • Respect – Showing thoughtful consideration to everyone we work with and for
  • Integrity – Infuse high ethical standards into all efforts we make each day
  • Vision – Industriously looking to the future
  • Enthusiasm – Showing excitement to accomplish our vision and mission

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Join a Growing Industry

The automotive aftermarket is a $300 billion a year industry. With the average age of vehicles increasing and more miles being driven, now is the time to start your own business.

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Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds and work experiences. We are proud of the success our franchisees have achieved over the years.

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